SALT PAINTING!  Kids are amazed at the spreading colors!

Salt Painting!

When I saw this salt painting activity on this blog I knew this was going to be really fun and kids would love it!  I tried it out on my daughter and she thoroughly enjoyed it:)  It is so simple to do and most everyone should have the necessary ingredients on hand.  All you need is…

  • Elmer’s School Glue
  • table salt
  • food coloring
  • water
  • paint brush
  • construction paper or cardstock

First, have them draw pictures on the construction paper or cardstock using the glue.  I placed my paper on a cookie sheet to try to minimize the mess as much as possible.  My 4 year old decided she didn’t love the drawing part so I did the last couple of pictures for her:)

Next, sprinkle salt all over the picture.  Avoid “dumping” the salt as it will make it very clumpy and may cause pieces to fall off.  Shake the excess salt off the picture.

Combine the food coloring and water in separate jars or bowls until you have created some colors you love, grab your paintbrush and get started!  My daughter loved watching the colors spread across the salt by simply letting the water drip off the paintbrush.

The finished products!

finished salt painting

After about an hour I convinced her we needed to stop and eat lunch…she seriously would have done this all day!  We had a lot of fun and this has been one of our favorite activities for kids yet!

5 thoughts on “Salt Painting!

  1. Randi V.

    This would be fun to do with coloring pages instead of drawing our own pictures the kids would love it.

    1. bestactivitiesforkids Post author

      That is a great idea! My daughter LOVES this activity, so that would add some variety for her. Thanks for sharing!

  2. joann corbett

    i’m a family childcare provider.
    i tired this project with my daughter and grand daughter. we all enjoyed drawing with glue and painting with day glow green, purple, hot pink and lite blue. we had a lot of fun my daughter shared this project with her friend. a wonderful rainy day art & craft project of all ages. thank you for sharing.

  3. christie haggard

    I am going to do this next week with my pre-k kids, we are learning to recognize our names… I will do the glue part and let them finish it! Looks awesome!


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