Recipe for liquid sidewalk chalk

Liquid Sidewalk Chalk!

I found this recipe for liquid sidewalk chalk here and I am so excited to try it!!  My kids have so much fun drawing, painting, coloring and writing on any type of surface so I am excited to harness all that creative energy, send them outside and set them free! I am sure my walls will be grateful:)
So here you go…
Liquid Sidewalk Chalk
1 Cup Water
1 Cup Cornstarch
Food Coloring
Mix the water and cornstarch together until combined. Next, divide the mixture into cupcake tins.  Then, pull out your food coloring, add a couple drops and stir it in. Regular or gel food coloring should work. FYI…this is also an excellent opportunity to teach your kids all about colors:) Use any type of paintbrush or foam brush or anything else you come up with and let the fun begin!
UPDATE:  I saw on Pinterest that someone had a stained sidewalk from using a recipe with food coloring.  She suggested using washable paint.
photo credit: CJ Sorg via photopin cc

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