Lego Math!  Such a great way to help kids visualize math!

Lego Math

I love that these Lego activities are a visual way for kids to see math.  I am such a visual learner, so this makes so much sense to me!  My boys are OBSESSED with Lego’s.  I think my 5 year old will love these Lego Math activities!  So excited to try them out!  I will let you know which are worth your time :)


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This activity would be perfect for my 3 year old! He loves counting EVERYTHING!



photo credit: Jez Page via photopin cc

4 thoughts on “Lego Math

  1. Abby

    Great post!
    For older kids you could also use LEGO bricks for multiplying. Just take the addition example from above and modify it.
    For example, a brick that has 2 studs on the short side and 4 studs on the longer side is called a 2 by 4 brick.
    2 x 4 = 8 studs

    A plate with 4 studs on the short side and 8 studs on the long side is called a 4 by 8 plate. 4 x 8 = 32 studs

    1. bestactivitiesforkids Post author

      I love that! There are so many ways to do math with legos! Thank you for sharing!

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