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Waffles and Noahs Ark

Waffles & Noah’s Ark

On Sunday morning, while making waffles with my kids, my little girl asked if we could put food coloring in the batter.  As we were deciding which color to use, I had the thought to use this as an opportunity to teach her about the story of Noah and the Ark and why we see rainbows after it rains…so we used all the colors!  We divided the batter up into 4 bowls, putting a different color in to each bowl.

DSC_1289Next, one color at a time, we put about two spoonfuls out of each bowl onto the waffle iron.    DSC_1295And we ended up with our Noah’s Ark Waffles!  We talked all about Noah, the Ark, the rain and the flood while we were preparing the batter and it gave her plenty of time to ask questions and really try to understand the story.  It seemed to stick…she loved the part about the rainbow and she loved even more that we had the most amazing waffles ever for breakfast!

And just in case you need a delicious waffle recipe, you can find the one we use here!